A New MilSpouse Podcast is a brewin’…

“A love of coffee is not required – this coffeehouse is BYOB, so fill your mug, glass, red solo cup, or chalice with your drink of choice, and join us as we serve up the hottest topics in our military spouse world! “

Welcome to the Shit Show

Milspouse CoffeeHouse is for entertainment purposes. I mean, there is some real information here and they’re related to our military lives, but we are pretty damn funny.

Britni & Leslie are a couple of milspos who love to laugh and be ridiculous sometimes. If you are looking for a good chuckle while you are getting ready for work or driving around than this is for you.

Unless you’re driving kids to school. Then maybe wait until you drop them off. Four-letter words are welcome here.

We chat with Joy over at The Financial Gym about becoming a Milspouse later than “average”

How To MilSpouse provides hilarious memes and hot takes on every episode! You, the listener can follow us on social media and cast your vote for best meme that relates to our topic. Keep an eye out!

Susan Santoro

Episode 06: Duty Stations: How to Make Them Not Suck.

We are talking about taking the worst duty stations and making them less sucky. How about wine for starters?


Joy Liu

Episode 07:Β  Becoming a MilSpouse Later than “Average”Β 

We’re talking with Joy about becoming a spouse later on that the usual age.

Lindsay Swoboda

Episode 08: Choosing Adventure. How to Travel Well When Overseas

Lindsay has traveled the world – with a small child! You are the real MVP, Lindsay. Meanwhile, Leslie & Britni don’t want to even take their children to the mall.

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