Meet Leslie

Leslie is pretty cool.

She is a mom of a sweet & sassy three-year old, and has been married to her Marine for eight years.

Leslie has a degree in Early Child Development and was a preschool teacher for many years until she realized moving around due to change of duty stations and becoming a mom that this job wasn’t going to cut it.

As time with her husband in the Marine Corps went on, Leslie saw many other moms crafting as a hobby and/or a side business, and saw a desperate need to help these women create an income doing so. If these talented ladies could bring in some extra income, stay home with babies, and go to school or do whatever else brings them joy, and then move and be able to smoothly transfer this job, then HEY!  – happy wife, happy life, right?

This is how Homefront Handmade was founded in 2016. The company has expanded from an online store to a full-service marketing company for military affiliated artisans.

Since then, Leslie has created created Classy Broads Coffee & Tea Co. and also opened a coffee & gift shop in Havelock, NC to not only provide Homefront Handmade members with a storefront for their handcrafted products, but also as a meeting place for military spouses and an opportunity for employment in the small town. Check out Coffee & Cool Stuff next time you’re in Eastern North Carolina!


Leslie is on a mission to help military spouses of all branches, ages, and stages of military life. When she got together with Britni who shares the same passion, they knew they could provide some humor & lightheartedness in a sometimes crazy world of military life. Thus, Milspouse CoffeeHouse was created for your entertainment.

Listen up and laugh along with Britni & Leslie in Season 1 of this hilarious, sometimes ridiculous milspouse podcast!