Helium Hands

Episode 02: Helium Hands with Megan Hall

Volunteering your house for the spouse club meeting, or saying Yes to chair an event, or saying yes to being Team Mom when you don’t have time. Agreeing to bake 32548 cookies for the spouse club bake sale fundraiser. You don’t have to say yes to everything.

Megan Hall, like most women, is a wearer of many hats.

Through her roles as women’s empowerment coach and motivational speaker Megan helps female entrepreneurs, small business owners, and career driven women find clarity among their chaos. She teaches her client life strategies that help them minimize their stress and maximize their joy.

Through her role as host of The Inspired Women Podcast Megan connects her audience with inspirational women who share their real stories and chats about topics relevant to women today. The goal of the podcast is to help women feel connected, inspired, and motivated to take ownership of their own life.

Megan’s final roles are to be the best mom to her four children, a supportive wife to her husband Jeremy, a US Navy Sailor, and care for her beautiful kitty Tessa. Her goal is to inspire others to overcome their feelings of being hopeless and helpless so they can live their best life possible.




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