How to Make Them Not Suck (When They Really Do!)

Episode 07: Duty Stations – How to make them Not Suck (when they really do) with Susan Santoro

Ugh. Some duty stations just suck no matter what. BUT, there are ways to make them better. The company you keep can make a huge difference!

Organized 31 inspires busy people to enjoy a simpler more creative life that makes a positive impact. Susan

believes life is better when simple and organized. Maybe she feels this way because she’s moved into 25+ homes in 12 states and 3 foreign countries as a military child, a service member and a military spouse. Susan, her husband, three children, dog and leopard gecko are always up for another move and another adventure.

MilSpouse CoffeeHouse listeners can get a free copy of Susan’s How to Decide Where to Live 7-page Checklist to help them find the best home for their unique needs.  Be sure to check out her step-by-step explanation on Organized 31 of how she uses the worksheets whenever she PCSs or moves.


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